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Date: 2013 - 11 - 29
Guangfa Bank Financial Center: XIS5335 imported X-ray machine and CS5000 imported security doorThe headquarters of Guangfa Bank Financial Center is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, with an investment of over 3 billion yuan and a total construction area of about 340,000 square meters. In March 2015, the peacekeeping era supplied XIS5335 imported X-ray machine, CS5000 imported security door, and Garrett. Superscanner imported hand-held metal detectors, imported from the two brands of American Astrophysics and American Garrett.Bank security requirements: Unlike the general business hall, Guangfa Bank Financial Center is a comprehensive financial system integrating computer room building, power distribution building, credit card center, information center, call center, operation center...
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Date: 2019 - 05 - 07
Large event security checkSummary of the background of large events:    Entertainment venues such as disco bars are a good place to relax after work, but because the main consumer groups are young people, coupled with the possibility of excessive drinking, Judi’s physical contact is inevitable, and violent bloodshed often occurs. It poses a potential threat to the lives and property of other consumers and has a very negative impact on the operators. The Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places promulgated by the State Council Order No. 458 signed by Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council of China was officially implemented on March 1, 2006. According to the regulations: entertainment discotheque bars and other entertainment venues will be equipped with security ...
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Date: 2013 - 11 - 29
Huizhou City TCL Group purchases CS5000 imported security door to strengthen electronic factory security inspectionIn recent years, the awareness of security inspection of large-scale electronic manufacturing enterprises has been greatly improved. Therefore, many computer, mobile phone, and high-precision electronic products production workshops use metal detection and inspection devices such as metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors. After evaluating the products, Huizhou TCL Group purchased the US Garrett brand CS5000 model imported security door from our company. This product not only has strong anti-interference ability, stable performance, but also has a warranty period of up to three years in the US. The products have also been used continuously by the five Olympic Games. From...
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Date: 2019 - 05 - 06
Station, subway security overview:With all kinds of terrorist attacks happening all over the world, public security has been concerned by many countries.China is developing its subway system rapidly, and the operating mileage will increase from about 1,000 kilometers to more than 4,000 kilometers by 2015.The development of subway brings convenience to people's travel, but also has potential threats and risks. Strengthening subway security measures is an important link in preventing terrorist attacks, and it is also one of the links that need to be upgraded in the current technological means.Subway security checks include the detection of the human body and personal belongings, with the purpose of detecting hidden weapons, explosives, radioactive materials and even biological agents and oth...
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Date: 2019 - 05 - 06
After the 4th Central Investment Expo, before the opening ceremony of the 7th Central Investment Expo, the security department called our company to purchase relevant testing equipment. Large-scale activities need to do security work. In fact, security is a very complicated and cumbersome work. There are many details to be paid attention to, and there are many problems to be considered. The best solution for human security inspection is still metal detection security door, with hand-held The security instrument, and then the X-ray machine for the safety inspection of luggage items, can achieve the desired effect.        Recently, the second batch of security gates prepared by our company for the 7th China Investment Expo reached the destination - Anhui Hefei Convention ...
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Date: 2019 - 05 - 06
On July 25, 2012, the purchasing department of Mingshuo Computer Group called our company to inquire about security products. The anti-theft of computer chips and the anti-theft problem of computer parts have always been a problem for many computer manufacturers. Since the beginning of the metal detection security door, manufacturers have been constantly looking for suitable products to solve the tough problems.         Computer production and manufacturing tycoon 'Mingshuo Computer', the production workshop installed the GARRETT Garret brand CS5000 imported metal detector door, which is sold by our company. This is a security inspection equipment commonly used in large-scale activities and factories. The sensitivity is not very high, but the product has the charac...

Popular science writers rumored secret: Is security inspection harmful to the human body?

Date: 2019-05-09
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Some time ago, when a woman took the subway, she refused the security check and pushed the security guard down the stairs to faint. The woman was detained for 10 days. There are many people who reject security checks in reality, but there is no such thing as an extreme woman. One of the reasons why everyone rejects is that they don't understand the principle of security instruments, and they have concerns in their hearts. Today, let's talk about some common and current* security devices.

Security X-ray machine, also known as security inspection machine or baggage security inspection machine. Everyone is familiar with it. It is the main baggage screening equipment for subways and airports. The principle is simple, the ability to use X-rays to penetrate substances. Density is different, thickness is different, composition is different, and x-ray penetration ability is also different. X-ray machines are based on the ability to penetrate various substances to identify objects in the baggage.

Display image of various luggage under X-ray machine

The X-ray machine not only recognizes the shape of the object, but also displays the color. The color of each substance is different. Like organic materials, such as paper, clothing, and a variety of foods, usually orange. Mixed materials and light metals, such as those containing sodium, silicon, and aluminum, are usually shown in green. Iron, copper, silver, etc. are shown in black and blue. The degree of lightness and darkness of the above various colors depends on the density and thickness of the material.

Many people are worried that the food inside their bags will be so cleaned from the baggage screening machine that the food will be contaminated by X-rays. There is no need to worry too much about this. The X-rays emitted by the baggage screening machine have a small power and are detected once. The received radiation dose is less than 5 micro-Swarth, which is far lower than those used for radiation sterilization of food. dose. Many of the foods we eat are actually irradiated. Other countries, such as the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture, can sterilize and preserve the following foods, such as frozen or frozen red meat. Poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, and grains.

Security gate

The security gate, also known as the metal detector door. Mainly to detect the metal weapon carried on the passenger. The principle is also very simple, that is, the principle of electromagnetic induction is utilized. Rapidly changing magnetic fields are generated on both sides of the security door. These magnetic fields do not affect the human body, except for metals, because the metal generates eddy currents under rapidly changing magnetic fields, and the eddy currents generate a magnetic field. When the security gate detects this When a new magnetic field is applied, the security door will automatically sound or flash.

The security door will flash after detecting the metal on the body.

When many people pass the security checkpoint, they often have resistance and think that it will be harmful to the body, especially pregnant women* who are worried about this. It is normal for pregnant women to care for the fetus in the body. However, the safety door is not an X-ray machine. It only produces electromagnetic fields and does not produce ionizing radiation. This electromagnetic field is very weak, only about 1 micro-Tesla. This data is tens of times different from the 30 micro Tesla specified in the National General Specification for Pass-Through Metal Detectors. In addition, we can also think so, security personnel are in the security door for many years, if the security door is harmful to the human body, I believe they will not agree.

Terahertz human body security instrument

Many people have this kind of experience. Every time they fly, they have to be touched by the security personnel up and down. The passengers are unhappy. In fact, the security personnel are not good. I don't believe you will try to find thousands of people in one day.

Also, regular security checks, no matter how publicized, there will be passengers worried about radiation problems. * After the conventional security equipment is slower, it wastes a lot of manpower and resources.

Therefore, we urgently need a security instrument that does not require body search and does not emit X-rays or electromagnetic waves - this is the terahertz human body security instrument.

Before we talk about this kind of instrument, let's first understand what is 'terahertz'.

The 'THz' in the middle position is 'Tertz'

'Tai' is an order of magnitude unit, which is the same as the 'thousands', 'mega', 'ji' and so on that we usually hear. Your mobile phone has 16G space, where G is 'Ji', and your network hard drive has 5T, where T is 'too'.

“Hertz” is a unit of frequency, so “terahertz” means a range of frequencies between 0.3 and 3 THz, corresponding to wavelengths between 1 mm and 0.1 mm. Therefore, in the field of electronics, electromagnetic waves in the terahertz band are known as millimeter waves or submillimeter waves; in the field of optics, they are called far infrared rays. As shown in the above figure, the electromagnetic wave in the terahertz band is smaller than the infrared (infrared remote control panel in the figure) and larger than the microwave frequency in the microwave oven.

Our human body emits infrared rays all the time. Similarly, the human body also emits rays in the terahertz band at all times. Too big to say that any object with a temperature higher than 10k will emit terahertz radiation.

Although the natural world is full of terahertz radiation, electromagnetic radiation in this band has not been studied intensively until the mid-1980s due to the inability to detect terahertz radiation with high sensitivity.

Now, due to advances in technology, terahertz research has become very popular. The international consensus is that terahertz is a new source of radiation with many unique advantages. The terahertz human body security instrument makes full use of these advantages.

The principle is that since the human body is emitting terahertz radiation at all times, and now, the technology allows us to detect these radiations with high sensitivity, then when there is a dangerous object on the passenger, it will carry out the terahertz issued by the human body. The occlusion, the different items, and the degree of occlusion are different. In this way, we can see the passenger's body at a glance without touching or undressing (undressing, slippers).

Some people may think that since the human body is also emitting infrared rays, why not use infrared rays?

This starts with the advantages of terahertz radiation.

First, the penetration of infrared light is not strong, while the terahertz radiation does not. It can penetrate fabric, paper and plastic.

Before the terahertz human body security instrument, the tools under the newspaper were undoubtedly revealed.

Compared with the previous security instruments, the terahertz human body security device has many advantages. For example, as mentioned above, there is no need to use a searchable body and other embarrassing methods. In addition, it does not emit radiation, only accepts the external radiation of the human body, dispelling the safety concerns of passengers; again, it is reliable, not only can detect metal substances, but also can detect ceramic knives, drug powders, liquid explosives. Non-metallic hazardous substances such as colloidal bombs; * After that, it is very efficient and can detect 500 people per hour, which is about 5 times that of traditional manual testing.

With so many advantages, what are the disadvantages? It’s too transparent. Looking at the human body is like watching a naked person who has stripped off his clothes. This is unacceptable to many people. However, this is not unsolvable. First, the passengers can be informed that the security inspectors sitting in front of the computer and 'closing' in the small house cannot see the passengers themselves.

The security inspector will not aim at the person, and then compare the images in the computer, in order to protect the privacy of passengers, this is not allowed.

After the passengers are not willing to do this security check, they can also voluntarily accept the 'search body' type of security.

Many accidents involving the destruction of planes, as well as subway bombings, etc., are the consequences of terrorists bringing dangerous goods to the vehicles. Therefore, the more the security personnel inspect each passenger carefully, it is responsible for the life of each passenger. We should have a positive attitude to face the inspection of security personnel for ourselves and for everyone.

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Date: 2019 - 05 - 05
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Shanghai Railway Police implements “Second Security Inspection”In order to ensure the safety of summer railway transportation, Shanghai Railway Police has successively implemented “secondary security inspection” security measures at three major passenger stations in Shanghai, Shanghai South and Hongqiao since August 1 to carry out precise inspections of passengers and articles in the station. Dangerous goods and contraband are brought into the car.'Secondary security inspection' means that when a passenger enters the train station hall, the security personnel conduct the first comprehensive security inspection of their personal bodies and articles; before entering the waiting room, the security personnel conduct a second security inspection to prevent dangerous goods. The contraband was ta...
Date: 2019 - 05 - 07
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Do not bring moon cakes with cutlery and dry ice over the security gateSecurity gates and imported branded hand-held metal detectors are important equipment for airport security inspections. The testing capabilities are very strong. According to air transportation safety management requirements, items such as metal cutlery and forks are not allowed to be boarded.On September 2, in just one hour from 6:00 to 7:00, at the security check-up site of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, the security inspectors seized more than 30 pieces of cutlery and drinks from the moon cakes carried by passengers.As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, some civil aviation passengers will carry moon cakes to their relatives and friends when they travel. However, according to civil aviation regulations, metal cutlery ...
Date: 2019 - 05 - 07
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Changchun Foreign Language School metal detector is busyYesterday, outside the provincial experimental middle school, the teacher of Changchun Foreign Language School was like a tour guide. The candidates saw a unified flag and gathered together. All 152 children successfully entered the examination room.The metal detectors in the hands of the school's teachers became the focus of the scene. Previously, although there were many simulated inspections at the school, yesterday's temperature was low, and many candidates temporarily changed their clothes and put on their coats. “Once the door alarm occurs when entering the door, it will affect the children’s emotions. Therefore, we use a hand-held metal detector to make a security check on the outside and give them a smooth mind.” The team’s te...
Date: 2019 - 05 - 07
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Local Hao charging treasure play machine, men's self-made capacity label was taken downCivil Aviation Resource Network January 12, 2016 News: Yesterday, at the international security inspection site of Xiamen Airport, security personnel inspected each charging treasure according to the routine, and found that the logo on a passenger charging treasure was pasted with paper. When the security inspectors asked the passengers with doubts, the passenger was very impatient to tell the security inspector that 'the charging treasure is imported, the logo is like this! What can be the problem!' The security inspector also felt that it was necessary to charge the treasure. The identification problem, because the logo of such charging treasure has not been seen before. Therefore, the charging treasur...
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