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Date: 2019 - 05 - 05
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Shanghai Railway Police implements “Second Security Inspection”In order to ensure the safety of summer railway transportation, Shanghai Railway Police has successively implemented “secondary security inspection” security measures at three major passenger stations in Shanghai, Shanghai South and Hongqiao since August 1 to carry out precise inspections of passengers and articles in the station. Dangerous goods and contraband are brought into the car.'Secondary security inspection' means that when a passenger enters the train station hall, the security personnel conduct the first comprehensive security inspection of their personal bodies and articles; before entering the waiting room, the security personnel conduct a second security inspection to prevent dangerous goods. The contraband was ta...
Date: 2019 - 05 - 09
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Israel is 40 years ahead of Europe in airport securitySecurity at tel aviv's Ben gurion international airport starts just a few kilometers awayIt's no surprise that tel aviv is considered the strictest airport. Israel, which has struggled to survive since its founding, is under constant threat of terrorist attacks, so it takes security at its only international airport seriously. Drive to the airport and pass a checkpoint a few kilometers away. Airports not only have high-standard security systems, but they also have far more manual unpacking checks than airports in other countries. Passengers are also grilled in a meticulous and tedious manner. Visitors left messages saying that although they were polite, they were surprised to be asked such questions as' what do brothers and sisters do?
Date: 2018 - 10 - 19
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What is the power saving mode of the security inspection machine?We can often come into contact with security inspection machines in daily life, such as at train stations and airports. So what kind of security inspection machines are more energy efficient?How can I pick a better security inspection machine? I must pay attention to the specific power when selecting the security inspection machine. When we use the security inspection machine, it is basically turned on every day, so one factor to consider when purchasing the security inspection machine is Power saving problem.  What is the specific power? The specific power is the input power of the X-ray security inspection unit. If the motor power of an X-ray security inspection machine is 1KW, then it means the output power. The actual ope...
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